Romancing a Business Deal: The Art of Romancing a Woman and How it Relates

Romancing a Business Deal: The Art of Romancing a Woman and How it Relates


Recently, I encountered a male who knew the Art of Romancing a Woman.  It all began with a man I wanted nothing to do with and ended with my head spun around.  So, isn’t this a business blog here? Yes, but all of life relates to every other area of life.  So lets see how romancing a woman relates to a sales, marketing or business deal.

Ever notice an average looking man with an extremely beautiful woman and think, “How did he get her?” Let me tell you this man knew the art of Romancing a Woman. Lets look inside this amazing phenomenon and see what we can learn from him.  It goes something like this.  A woman wants to be pursued like there is no other one on the planet but her.  The man who means business knows it takes an investment of his time.  He has to be generous in giving up time of his busy life to invest in her.

In business think about a client, you take them out to lunch, buy them drinks, football tickets, send them acknowledgements of who they are in your world and they know you mean BUSINESS when you pursue their interests, time, and talents.   The same is true for a woman.  She wants to be celebrated for who she is on all levels.  She needs to be told she is beautiful, gorgeous etc.  But more important than that you must notice all of her top assets and not just the physical outward appearance.  She needs to be celebrated for the TOTAL PICTURE.

The secret here is that beautiful woman, like prospective hot clients on the market, are approached often and hit upon.  However, lets analyze the competition for a second.  Some may be shallow in their approach.  Often another very good looking man may feel entitled to a beautiful woman and he takes her for granted.  He notices only her externals telling her she is hot.  An average looking man knows he is going to have to work hard to obtain his prize and sets out to give it all he has got.  For if he obtains it he feels he is the luckiest man alive.

The art of romancing a woman or client includes really knowing them and noticing all of their attributes.  A woman wants to be noticed for her passion, drive, ambitions, goals, spirituality, connectedness, intuition etc.  What sets her apart from all the other beautiful women out there?  If you don’t really GET her she senses it.  Same is true of a client.

So back to the average looking man pursuing his conquest, he outsmarts his competition by stepping up to the plate and his guns fully loaded with carefully thought out ammunition.  He comes on strong and declares serious intentions upfront so he won’t be beat out.  He is direct in asking for what he truly wants.  His high level of confidence is what she is drawn to.

She is also allured by his admonishment of her.  A man who knows what he wants and how badly he wants it is irresistable.  He knows he has attributes to offer his prize above and beyond looks.  Sex appeal is created and generated by the one in pursuit!  The same is true of a business deal that you create the passion for what they need and what drives them in life.  They will be drawn to you by what you BELIEVE you can offer them.

How well do you know your client, is it just surface level?  Do you know their core values, mission statement, setbacks, losses and worst nightmare.  When you finally get the woman in your life to be vulnerable and she opens her heart up to you it is time to close the deal!  The same is true for the client you have to inspire them to reveal what they want in their business more than anything in life and you’ve got um!

Why not add some passion to your next business meeting, sales call or perhaps love life!  Treat them like there is no tomorrow and no one but them in this moment.  A little passion never hurt anybody, in fact people are very drawn to passion and it is the number one things that makes others successful in life.  Those who have the passion have the calling and the money will follow.  Don’t have any passion in either your love life or business world.  Lets talk, I am a life coach and all of life relates to all of life in magnificent ways and you can create anything you want in this moment right now!


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