Creating powerfully something from nothing!

Creating powerfully something from nothing!

Lessons on life and business from an innovative movie!

In the beginning of the movie someone says to the infamous Alfred Hitchcock, “Shouldn’t you quit while your ahead Hitch?  Your 60 years old now.”  Don’t ever tell a creative mastermind he is too old to do something.  How bout you?  Its never too late for your next masterpiece!

When Hitch created Psycho he approached Paramount Pictures and was met with opposition. They told him, Hitch you owe Paramount one last picture.  This movie is so unlike you.  Just do another one like North by Northwest.  This one is too risky and they refused to fund his movie.

Hitch tells his manager “They just want the same thing from me over and over.  It is as if they are putting me in a coffin and nailing the lid.”  Hitch decides what he really wants to do is go for making the picture. He is RESOLUTE, absolutely DETERMINED even though it costs $800,000 to finance the picture.  He finances it himself, putting his house mortgage on the line.  His wife begs him not to do it and asks why.

He tells her, “Remember the fun we had when we first started and had no money.  We took risks and experimented with new ways to make movies.  I JUST WANT TO FEEL THAT KIND OF FREEDOM AGAIN!”

This really spoke to me because I am a creative person and one of the most important things to me is the freedom of self-expression in my career.  When I am micro-managed and told what to do on a job it drains me of my passion.  The full expression of creativity in life may come with a high price of risking everything, but the denial of risk may also cost us a high price and that can be the death of our true passion and calling in life.  Life is an adventure, don’t hold back all your capable of.

Hitch again tells his wife if this movie fails we will eat crow and asks her are you sure?  She says of the movie,  “NO, but of you, UNQUESTIONABLY.”  Hitch’s wife knew her husband and what he was capable of. Sometimes when faced with a huge challenge it is best to look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself of who you really are.

Hitch continued to be met with opposition as the sensors told him you can’t show a toilet on national TV or a woman in a shower scene.  He felt his movie was stillborn and not coming to life.  Together with his amazing wife, Alma, by his side they commit to whip Psycho into shape.  Whatever it takes mentality.  Here you see the hard work, drive, focus, time and energy as the movie comes to life.

Hitch is only given two theaters to open his movie in.  He knew in order to create it powerfully he had to push hard.  So he wrote a manual for the movie theaters on how to sell Psycho and used clever theatrical techniques to promote a hype around how scary the movie was going to be.  For that era, that shower scene brought chills in cold blood to all who watched it for the first time.

Psycho was the greatest success of his career.  After that movie he wrote 6 more movies, but none eclipsed the success of Psycho.  I highly recommend this movie for inspiration in life.  The RECIPE FOR SUCCESS is to combine your ORIGINAL RAW TALENT with a huge dose of RISK, add FOCUS, DRIVE and UNSTOPPABILITY. Out will come something innovative and memorable that only you were able to create.  Want to learn how to  create unstoppability? Ask me about it I am a life coach!

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