Rising from the Ashes of Ruin and Devastation: Rebuilding After Economic Loss

Rising from the Ashes of Ruin and Devastation:  Rebuilding After Economic Loss

Ancient castle ruins in Dobele Rising from the Ashes of Ruin and Devastation:  Rebuilding After Economic Loss

Out of the ashes we rise.  Is your life facing utter ruin and devastation?  Job loss, mortgage, bankruptcy, long-term unemployment.  There is a legend of a bird called the Phoenix that was burned in the fire and arose from the ashes.  The legend states that it went through a powerful transformation in the ashes and arose even greater than before.  It had a rebirth or was born again.

When you face the loss of everything and you are lying in the ashes of what is left of your life, I want to tell you that you have a powerful choice at this moment in time.  The choice is to rise from the ashes.  To rebuild your life one piece at a time. The first step is to believe there is hope and go on.  Look up and let go of the ashes, lift your face from lying in what is no longer there.

Everything you knew has been stripped away, but you can rebuild it again.  In the moive Eat, Pray, Live Julia Roberts goes to visit an ancient ruin.  She marvels at the structure of the walls.  She says, ” Ruin is a gift, it is the road to transformation.”

These words struck me when I watched the movie.  Imagine loss being a gift, in fact, ruin a chance to change your life and make it more powerful.  Whatever worked before, you will have to create new things that work better.  Imagine this time you build your life back in such a way it matters more.

I don’t know a lot about geologic formations, but I can only imagine it takes a long time to rebuild rock formations after ruin.  So lets adjust our expectations and realize if we have lost everything, it will take a long time to rebuild that same amount back.  However, it can be rebuilt.  So lets face in the right direction, that of hope, courage, strength, determination, powerful persevearance and overcoming faith.

The ancient ruins were magnificent.  They are truly beautiful formations of loss in nature.  Your life will be magnificent again.  Like the Phonenix you will rise from the ashes.  So get up and get going today in one direction that you believe moves you forward.

Faith in you and your ability to overcome is the gift I am granting you.  You will find your way through this recession.  Money, houses, jobs they can be found again.  Let us be determined and steadfast.  Realize what really matters in your life, your family, your ability to persevere.  Strong character brings about unbelievable long term gain.  If you got your job back tomorrow, you would miss out on something greater.

The human spirit is truly indomitable.  The strength to rise begins within you.  Our thoughts, our will, our spirits make us strong.  Our faith in a brighter day tomorrow that we create for ourselves and our children begins today.  So, have faith like the Phonex bird who survived the fire and was reborn.  Create your own transformation!!

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