Life Coaching: The Power to Create

Life Coaching: The Power to Create

Life Coaching: The Power to Create

A principal once told a group of teachers the following true story.  A group of fishermen hated their jobs and dreaded the mundane tasks of a fisherman’s life.  Then one day one of them had an idea.

What if we create some fun in our job?

So they were challenged to sing songs while they caught fish.  The fish were still smelly, scaly and slimy.  The hours were still long and the mornings still came too early.  However, they noticed, the time did pass more quickly.

Then one of them came up with a new challenge. They were challenged to believe they were the best fishermen in the world.

At first they resisted, not knowing how to think about this.  But they asked themselves: “How would the best fishermen in the world act?” What behaviors would they demonstrate?

A strange thing began to happen. Their attitude changed some more. They had a glimmer of hope in their eye and a smile on their face now.  They began to behave as if work weren’t a total drudgery.  They sang louder and in greater harmony.  The passersby took notice and word spread around the village about these fishermen who wouldn’t stop singing.  Even the local news came out to interview them.  Then a national news show got a hold of their story and came and did a 60-minute special on them.

They were so proud of themselves now.  With the new energy and enthusiasm they created they doubled their productivity — twice as many fish and twice as many profits.  The more they believed they were the best fishermen in the world the more they actually became so.  They did in fact become rich and famous. But the key is that they believed it first.  Transformation comes from the inside out.

Life coaching exercises can help you create whatever you want in life.  Try talking to a certified coach with life-coaching experience!!

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