How to Stay Connected in a Crisis

How to Stay Connected in a Crisis

 How to Stay Connected in a Crisis

Are you in crisis and feel disempowered because no one gets it?  Of course they don’t because they have not walked in your shoes.  You can make your crisis worse by pushing people away with anger, resentment or unrealistic expectations.


Today people are in a lot of crisises with the economy, finances, job loss etc.  If you stay connected in the midst of a crisis you are more likely to deal with it better.  How do you create that connection when those around you don’t get it.


You must communicate powerfully.  You have to ask for what you need.  You have to tell people what is going on.  I need space right now I am hurting.  I need financial help.  I am feeling defeated.


Find others in your similar job situations.  The best way to not feel so alone as an unemployed person is to talk to others.  You will find some dealing with it better than you and some worse.  But you will find what you need is creating that connection.  Put things in perspective.  Get a grip on your emotions and what you are doing to resolve your crisis.


Create some solutions for others worse off than you.  Nothing feels more powerful than helping someone else worse off.  As Americans we pride ourselves on our independence.  Why not try on being interdependent.  We need each other now more than ever before.  I read it is estimated that it will take 5 years to reabsorb all the unemployed back into the job market because so many jobs have been permanently eliminated.


You can create the energy to cope with your crisis through powerful relationships in your life.  Social media is the new way to find jobs, ask about opportunities or advertise business.  Facebook, Twitter, Linked In.  It could be you find your next job there and not online.  Times have changed.  Are you changing with them?


Don’t make the crisis mean you are worthless or you are not good enough.  I recently heard of someone who applied for a job and they had 1,500 applicants.  You can take it to heart when it is just an impossible situation.  They can only hire one person and they can ‘t even read all those applications.


Those who overcome difficult times are open-minded, ask for help over and over and are present to the people in their lives around them.  Don’t shut down on your family or friends.  Stay present to them and they will meet you back by being present to you.  We have a loss of power when we shut others out.  Invite them into your crisis and you will discover something empowering in the midst of your most difficult time!


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