True Grit: How the West was Won and How You can Move Forward in Your Goals and Outcomes

True Grit:  How the West was Won and How You can Move Forward in Your Goals and Outcomes


True Grit:  How the West was Won and How You can Move Forward in Your Goals and Outcomes


Being the avid movie buff that I am, I recently saw True Grit.  My favorite line from the movie was, “Nothing in this life is free, except the grace of God.”  We forget that the pioneers, the early frontiers struggled so much to acheive their goals.  Some to the point of death.


We think life should be easy, so when our goals don’t happen, we wonder why and let them slide.  Perhaps we have never had to face such hard times as they had.  Imagine the difference if we expect it to be a struggle and we fight even harder John Wayne style.


If you saw the movie True Grit, you see a young girl in the face of overlwhelming obstacles outshine all the cowboys with her amazing determination.  Nothing is going to stand in her way.  She won’t let anyone else  stop her.


She knows what she wants and how to get it.  My favorite part is when she falls in a pit of snakes.  Times were tough on the rugged frontier. But imagine if the pioneers who braved it all gave up in the face of adversity.  They wouldn’t have met their outcome and the West would not have been conquered.


In the face of overwhelming adversity, when folks are struggling to keep a roof on their heads, keep their business or find a job the race is on.  The battle belongs to those who exercise True Grit.


You know you can’t clean dirty windows without some elbow greece.  So if we become tougher in our outlook towards accomplishing our goals WE CAN ACHIEVE THEM. What is stopping you?  ONLY YOU.


When we say, the economy is so bad, I can’t find a job then we are focusing on a limitation in front of us.  When we say business has slowed down I can’t get ahead, we determine that outcome. Instead we need to focus on what we are doing to make the outcomes come our way.


We still determine the outcomes in our lives. There are folks finding jobs in todays economy, thriving in their business, getting out of debt.  The difference perhaps  is they don’t expect it to be easy.  They don’t give up, they PUSH and PUSH and PUSH.


As in the days of the West you have to mount the horse, face the dangers and plow ahead.  Don’t we all admire a brave cowboy fighting dangers on the rugged terrain?  If you see True Grit, you will admire a young cowgirl and how she never says never.


The key is that someone who is brave determines that they have to face whatever is in front of them.  It is a mindset.  We are all afraid of losing our job or the business and not meeting our goals.  But let us PUSH forward with fierce determination.


When you feel like life has thrown you into a pitful of snakes, there is a way out.  Lets make it happen!  I can’t end without saying that when we fall, like the line in the movie, the undying grace of God is there to catch us because, it is the only thing in this life that is free we don’t have to earn.

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